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September 05 2017


Der letzte Fall

Kreischend beißt sie sich ins Fleische,
spritzen meterweise bleiche,
fasrig Stück in jede Richtung,
bis er fällt,
und so die Lichtung,
zur reinsten Vollendung kommt
und niemand mehr den Baum erklimmt.

Und niemand sieht die 30 Meter.
Nur Sonne brät die Fläche später.
Bis sich der Wald zur Wüste wandelt,
jeder Quadratmeter verschandelt.
Bis auch der letzte Riese fällt,
auf einer kahlen, kargen Welt.

Nur Wüste - Wüste - Wüste - Leere.
Kein Regen mehr in dieser Sphäre.
Nur Dürre, Hitze, Sand und Staub.
Die Erde ward vom Grün beraubt.

Einst er hieß "Planet, der Blaue",
firmiert er heut nur als der Graue.

dat Maddin
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September 03 2017

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Rabbinaat Amsterdam
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September 02 2017

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I laughed to hard at this fucking thing.

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“Grandma used a computer for the first time and bookmarked her favorites”

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RIP Beautiful Prince.


No this is totally normal for Toronto.

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Something that was deeply offensive to most of the cultures the Vikings encountered was that Vikings didn't worry too much about fidelity, even the women could shag around, and their husbands happily accepted the children as their own even if they knew they weren't the father.

The reason was quite simple. Keeping a child alive was difficult back then so any child that survived was a miracle, and people wanted big families, so if your wife had a child it was your right as the husband to keep it. The other loser could mob around with one child less to his name.
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Zu schnell und dann auch noch NEBEN der Straße...
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T. Lux Feininger. Mask for the Bauhaus Stage on the Roof of the Bauhaus School. 1928

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September 01 2017

Terry Pratchett's unfinished novels destroyed by steamroller

Terry Pratchett’s unfinished novels destroyed by steamroller

Unpublished works are lost for ever with crushing of computer hard drive – as the late fantasy novelist had instructed


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When you’re caught in the middle of doing something weird. ( x )

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